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Friday, June 20, 2014

Maintain and Improve Your Vision with Zeaxanthin... The Eye Vitamin

Before we talk about zeaxanthin and just how good it is for your eyes, listen to this little catchy song about how it can help in not having people call you four eyes :).

Zeaxanthin (a very important food for healthy eyes) is found in several of the common fruits and vegetables we eat but, rarely do we pay attention to this vitamin.

The drive for healthy eating continues to grow, but there are still many of us who eat purely for the purpose of satisfying our hunger. Our eyes are the windows to the world around us, and life can become pretty uncomfortable if they start going bad. The eyes require their own special nutrients to keep them healthy. Too many of us pay very little attention to the chemical component of the foods we ingest, and how they affect us when they become a part of our body. Our health actually starts with our choice of food. A deterioration of health sends us to the doctor for a quick fix (maybe worst), but the key to saving on health care begins with our eating habits and the choice of foods we eat. This article will focus on one of those very important yet not so popular nutrients which can be found in many of the foods we eat - zeaxanthin.

What is zeaxanthin?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Man Who was Born Blind Used the Bates Method to Heal His Eyes Naturally

Success At Using the Bates Method to Heal Eyes Naturally 

The Meir Schneider Story: 

Have you ever heard of the School for Self-Healing in San Francisco? How about the man behind the school, Meir Schneider?

Schneider was born blind and remained that way, undergoing five surgeries on his lenses, until he got to the age of seventeen. The surgeries did not make his hopes of seeing some day come true, but then he learnt of the Bates vision exercises and decided to give them a try. He did the exercises consistently, and was reward with the gradual ability to see as the health of his eyes improved. He began to see for the first time in his life.  His sight improved so much that he became self-sufficient, not needing anyone to do things for him, not even driving. He now proudly holds a California driver’s license.

Schneider’s own personal successful adventures with the Bates Method led him to write his own book, "Movementfor Self-Healing" and start the School for Self-Healing where he shares his blessings by helping others experience theirs. The School for Self-Healing is a non-profit school that helps people regain or improve their vision. They teach and provide movement work, massage, and vision therapy for various disorders, diseases and injuries of the eyes. Through their private sessions, inexpensive public workshops and training in self-healing methods, they have been helping people both locally and globally to heal and/or improve their eyes naturally.

Monday, April 1, 2013

What Causes Eye Floaters and Simple Treatments to Use for Relief

Have you ever stopped to wonder what causes eye floaters? Maybe they have concerned you so much that now searching for treatment options for those bothersome floaters. Read on. 

I'm not sure if there's anyone who has never had the frustrating experience of dealing with eye floaters. They are like cobwebs in the eyes that cause us to blink in an attempt to clear them away.

Eye floaters can  be really stubborn. Some times no matter how hard you blink or rub at the eye they just seem to refuse to go away. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you deal with them, but as usual, lets take some time to understand what we are dealing with first.

What are Floaters?

You know those tiny objects that seem to keep floating around in your eyes and cause you to blink multiple times as you try to clear them away? Well those are eye floaters, and they occur naturally as we age. They are annoying because as they drift around aimlessly they sometimes obstruct our vision, and this can be cause for concern when performing activities such as driving or handling dangerous machinery.

What Causes Floaters?

Natural Treatment for Cataract Sufferers - Pinhole Glasses

I have been going on for a bit now about pinhole glasses, and how useful they are for not only improving vision naturally, but also the huge savings realized when one does not have to rely on prescription glasses. This post will focus specifically on how pinhole glasses can help those suffering from cataract.

Definition: Cataract is really a clouding of the lens. In a previous post "Pinhole Glasses for Natural Eye Cure" and in the section "How Do They Work" I discussed the lens and the role it plays in helping us to see. Just to recap - Right now as you sit there reading this article the pupil (hole in the center of the iris) is allowing light rays from the computer/phone screen to pass through to your lens. Your lens is focusing these rays (bending them) before allowing them to fall on the retina properly. People who suffer from cataract will find they have difficulty seeing because the lens has become cloudy.

                                                               Courtesy of Photobucket

The condition is largely prevalent among the aging population as aging is a major factor, but it can also be triggered by factors such as the drinking of too much caffeinated coffee. Cataract is common among those over 80 years or members of the aging population would have had a surgery for cataract by that age. Before we look at how pinhole glasses can help the condition let us spend a little time understanding cataract a bit more.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Using Bates Method to Treat Eye Problems - Is It a Sham?

I think its about time I focused a little on the man, and the concept behind this whole pinhole glasses and improving sight naturally concept. I'd say its a pretty interesting story. Here goes...

The man behind the controversial eye and vision care concept of using pinhole glasses and eye exercises is William H. Bates, M.D. The method was also named after him - Bates Method - and quite frankly anything that is presented as an alternative to conventional medicine will be met with resistance from professionals in the field. It is always interesting to note the reactions  when one of their own colleague seeks to demystify the whole medical shebang, and step away to offer people a far less expensive and natural cure option. Bates has left behind many enthusiasts who have their clashes with professionals who are all for conventional treatment - therefore rubbishing the Bates Method - and so the debate rages on. 

The Bates Method combines the use of a pair of simple glasses (which from previous post you would have learnt are pinhole glasses) with specific eye exercises for the eye problem from which the patient is suffering. Conventional medicine focuses on the use of more expensive eye ware, and eye exercises are not emphasized. With that said let me try to present a balanced argument on whether Bates method has some merit to it or if it's just a sham. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Prescription Glasses vs Pinhole Glasses- The Toss Up

I thought I’d just make a quick post on the comparison between prescription glasses and pinhole glasses. So here goes...

People wear prescription glasses to either help them see better or as a corrective measure. Many people end up wearing these for the rest of their lives or switching to contact lens. In this post I will pay specific attention to the limitations of prescription glasses then go on to explore the possibility of using pinhole glasses and prescribed eye exercises to restore one's sight.

The Limitations of Prescription Glasses

There are certain common practices that can be observed among people who wear prescription glasses. These include the tendency to remove their glasses for a moment to widen, open and close, roll and rub at their eyes. The common cause for that is the strain and hurting sensation that comes along with the wearing of prescription glasses. This can eventually lead to deterioration in one's eyesight because what the eye really needs is some relaxation and something to help restore it to its natural health. Here are a few pointers on the limitation of prescription glasses. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pinhole Glasses for Natural Eye Cure

The way we approach health care for our eyes can either save us or cost us a pretty penny. I mentioned before that I am particularly interested in natural cure. This is by no means meant to totally dismiss the efforts and achievements of the medical field. I just strongly believe that there are natural ways to treat or cure some eyesight problems without having to go the traditional route which we all know can be pretty expensive. Natural remedy seems to focus more on the correcting the cause of the condition rather than treat or mask the symptoms. I recently learnt of a very inexpensive eye ware known as the pinhole glasses.  As much as I like natural remedies I am also a skeptic, but I do my best to read and learn with an open mind.


Above is a picture of the rather peculiar looking glasses that I will be focusing on.