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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Man Who was Born Blind Used the Bates Method to Heal His Eyes Naturally

Success At Using the Bates Method to Heal Eyes Naturally 

The Meir Schneider Story: 

Have you ever heard of the School for Self-Healing in San Francisco? How about the man behind the school, Meir Schneider?

Schneider was born blind and remained that way, undergoing five surgeries on his lenses, until he got to the age of seventeen. The surgeries did not make his hopes of seeing some day come true, but then he learnt of the Bates vision exercises and decided to give them a try. He did the exercises consistently, and was reward with the gradual ability to see as the health of his eyes improved. He began to see for the first time in his life.  His sight improved so much that he became self-sufficient, not needing anyone to do things for him, not even driving. He now proudly holds a California driver’s license.

Schneider’s own personal successful adventures with the Bates Method led him to write his own book, "Movementfor Self-Healing" and start the School for Self-Healing where he shares his blessings by helping others experience theirs. The School for Self-Healing is a non-profit school that helps people regain or improve their vision. They teach and provide movement work, massage, and vision therapy for various disorders, diseases and injuries of the eyes. Through their private sessions, inexpensive public workshops and training in self-healing methods, they have been helping people both locally and globally to heal and/or improve their eyes naturally.

If one man can use the Bates Method to heal himself of congenital blindness, it says a lot about just how effective this method is, and the hopes it holds for people with sight issues. According to information found on the website of the School for Self-Healing, the technique that Schneider developed is medically documented. A more in depth look at his personal story can be viewed here.

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