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Monday, March 25, 2013

Using Bates Method to Treat Eye Problems - Is It a Sham?

I think its about time I focused a little on the man, and the concept behind this whole pinhole glasses and improving sight naturally concept. I'd say its a pretty interesting story. Here goes...

The man behind the controversial eye and vision care concept of using pinhole glasses and eye exercises is William H. Bates, M.D. The method was also named after him - Bates Method - and quite frankly anything that is presented as an alternative to conventional medicine will be met with resistance from professionals in the field. It is always interesting to note the reactions  when one of their own colleague seeks to demystify the whole medical shebang, and step away to offer people a far less expensive and natural cure option. Bates has left behind many enthusiasts who have their clashes with professionals who are all for conventional treatment - therefore rubbishing the Bates Method - and so the debate rages on. 

The Bates Method combines the use of a pair of simple glasses (which from previous post you would have learnt are pinhole glasses) with specific eye exercises for the eye problem from which the patient is suffering. Conventional medicine focuses on the use of more expensive eye ware, and eye exercises are not emphasized. With that said let me try to present a balanced argument on whether Bates method has some merit to it or if it's just a sham. 

The Story Behind Bates Method

William Bates was an ophthalmologist by profession who became concerned that the sight of his patients' only worsened after using the prescription glasses he had them wear. After he realized that prescription glasses were doing his patients no good, Bates went on a 30 year quest to find an alternative treatment that would work. Bates eventually stopped prescribing the glasses altogether because he noticed that they prevented the eye from going through a natural course of healing. In 1912 Bates published his findings in a book called "Perfect Sight Without Glasses" which was later renamed "Better Eyesight Without Glasses." Through his newly developed method William Bates was able to help many of his patients gain natural healing for their eye condition. 

Bates Method is a non-intrusive, holistic approach that is geared towards helping the patient realize healing and recovery from common eye problems such as cataract, long-sightedness, short-sightedness, and astigmatism. Unlike the trend that persists in the conventional medicine he had practiced, the aim of his new treatment method was to prevent his patients from wearing prescription glasses as they only caused them to become dependent on the eye ware - a practice that simply led to a further deterioration in their eye condition. 

The Procedure

Bates Method simply requires that the patient wear a pair of pinhole glasses which will control the amount of light rays passing through the lens and on to the retina. When the glasses are worn they help the weakened ciliary muscles to exercise naturally. There is no need to wear pinhole glasses for extended periods as a mere 15 to 20 minutes per day for several weeks will produce noticeable results. This is of course helped with the combined eye exercises that are prescribed to help strengthen the eyes.

So Whats the Problem?

It goes without saying that the same method does not yield the same results for everyone, and definitely not at the same speed. After all, in conventional medicine some die or their conditions worsen following the same medical treatment that cured others.  Bates Methods seems like a simple enough procedure which (as is evident from testimonials) has helped many people, but which you will also find others saying has not helped them much. Some say the improvements were temporary. Eye care professionals may be unconvinced of the effectiveness of the methods employed by the Bates method, but its interesting to note that other people are starting to use and promote eye exercises as a natural means of decreasing one's dependence on prescription glasses. These can be found in eBooks on Amazon and in YouTube videos. 

Professionals disregard the eye exercises as being pretty basic and say they do not see enough evidence that Bates Method is addressing the root of the eye problem. The same can be said of conventional eye care which is pretty expensive, and if people find themselves being less dependent on prescription glasses after applying Bates Method then that raises even more questions about conventional eye care. Conventional medicine continues to have many successes and failures, and while the professionals continue to try and knock down alternative approaches, the associated expenses, failures and side effects that people have to endure from their practices continue to push many back to mother nature for assistance with their ailment. 

It is through this surge of interest that people are now realizing that all this time they have been paying an arm and a leg (and some times lives) for a healing that could have been achieved with a far less expensive and intrusive approach. The war of words may continue, but so too will people's drive to seek more natural methods that will help them to improve their sight naturally. 

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