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Monday, April 1, 2013

Natural Treatment for Cataract Sufferers - Pinhole Glasses

I have been going on for a bit now about pinhole glasses, and how useful they are for not only improving vision naturally, but also the huge savings realized when one does not have to rely on prescription glasses. This post will focus specifically on how pinhole glasses can help those suffering from cataract.

Definition: Cataract is really a clouding of the lens. In a previous post "Pinhole Glasses for Natural Eye Cure" and in the section "How Do They Work" I discussed the lens and the role it plays in helping us to see. Just to recap - Right now as you sit there reading this article the pupil (hole in the center of the iris) is allowing light rays from the computer/phone screen to pass through to your lens. Your lens is focusing these rays (bending them) before allowing them to fall on the retina properly. People who suffer from cataract will find they have difficulty seeing because the lens has become cloudy.

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The condition is largely prevalent among the aging population as aging is a major factor, but it can also be triggered by factors such as the drinking of too much caffeinated coffee. Cataract is common among those over 80 years or members of the aging population would have had a surgery for cataract by that age. Before we look at how pinhole glasses can help the condition let us spend a little time understanding cataract a bit more.

Cataract Facts

Here are a few facts you should know about cataract.

  • There are different types of cataracts.
  • While cataract can develop in both eyes it does not spread from one eye to the other. 
  • The white spot that can be seen in an eye affected by cataract is really clumps of protein. 
  • Water and protein are the main components of the lens, and the protein has to be arranged in a particular manner to allow light rays to pass through. Cataract comes as a result of the protein clumping together and interfering with the filtering of the light rays through to the retina. 

Types of Cataract

The various factors trigger the development of cataract influences the type of cataract the individual will end up with. Here are the different types of cataract.

  • Congenital cataract: Yes - cataract does affect newborns or this type can be developed during childhood, and often affects both eyes. Congenital cataract can be so small that it does not affect the child's vision, but in the case where it does impede the child's vision the lenses may have to be removed. 
  • Secondary cataract: This usually results from surgery for eye problems such as glaucoma,and may stem from diabetes and other health conditions. The use of steroids is also a contributing factor. 
  • Traumatic cataract: This type of cataract is usually triggered by old eye injuries, and usually present itself years after that injury. 
  • Radiation cataract: People who were exposed to certain types of radiation are at risk of possibly developing cataract. 

 Treatment Options for Cataract

Conventional Medicine

This generally involves the use of prescription glasses, magnifying lenses, brighter light or anti-glare sunglasses. These treatments really only target the symptoms which means that eventually the patient will have to move on to getting a surgery to remove the affected lens and replacing them with artificial ones.

Natural/Alternative Treatment with Pinhole Glasses

Pinhole glasses are used to treat the cause, rather than the symptoms of cataract which result in far better results for the patient. They actually delay the development of cataract which means the need for surgery will be greatly delayed. The glasses restricts the light rays that enters the center of the lens therefore reducing the scattering of these rays that the lens need to bend before sending the image on to the retina. This means the lens is better able to do its job and the patient's vision improves immediately.

An individual who has a problem focusing on the object of their attention will naturally squint as they attempt to block out excess light and only allow the light rays from the object to filter through to the lens. The pinhole glasses mimics this squinting action and simple allows the already defective lens to collect only the light rays that matter, which means it does not have to work harder to deal with the excess light. A plus to all of this is that pinhole glasses are pretty cheap. Take a look at these benefits that a cataract patient will experience from the use of pinhole glasses.

  1. Immediate improvement in the clarity of their vision and resolution. 
  2. The object becomes brighter which makes it better for the patient.
  3. Pinhole glasses can be used for just about every thing - from watching TV to reading. 
  4. The glasses are durable and are very affordable. 

Pinhole glasses are a great alternative to the conventional treatments for cataract. They not only allow you to save, but they allow the eyes to relax more instead of constantly staining to make up for the vision defect caused by cataract.


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  2. Oops! I didn't know cataract can be treated through glasses. I hate glasses anyway! I have heard like there is no way other than surgery for cataract. And I used to search a lot about the cataract surgery procedures. And I had a Cataract surgery months before and it improved my vision a lot.

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  4. Interesting article!! If this procedure does give positive results then why people are not promoting such treatments? Really helpful blog and it should be shared widely. My mom recently had cataract surgery from Evergreen Eye Center in Washington and now she is having a better vision. If natural cure like this is available then it will be more beneficial for many. But as of now I think the cataract surgery is the only successful treatment so far.

  5. Last year my mom had underwent a cataract surgery for her right eye from the LASIK surgery centre at Oakville and it came up astonishingly well. Now she says she is having vision problems with her left eye too. Before resorting to a surgery this time, I guess I will try this pinhole glasses. The method of restricting light rays and focussing seems interesting. She is eager to get her pinhole glasses on. Hope this will help!